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Remix Contest IconWe’ve discovered a list of fantastic Remixing Tips. There have got to be a few you haven’t thought of yourself. Here’s a little taste of the list–but no details! Be sure to grab the link below to get the goods and Rock & Remix On!


Making a remix or bootleg is always different from an original. Sometimes it can be easier because the ideas already exist, and other times it can be more difficult. Just like an original, it’s hard to know where to start. You sit down at your DAW with endless possibilities and combinations of sounds in front of you. It’s overwhelming. Whether you’re remixing a song for a competition, have been contracted an official remix for a release, or cooking up a cheeky bootleg of a popular song, these tips are for you. Read on and get inspired!

Here’s a taster from the list but be sure to head over to EDMProd for the juicy details. Tons of great content there for EDM artists, composers and producers.

1. Pick the Right Song

2. Listen for the Gaps

3. Form a Game Plan

4. Listen to Other Remixes

5. Cut and Choose Your Material (Bootlegs)

6. Work WITH the Material

7. Arrangement ASAP

8. Feature Parts from the Artist’s Other Songs

9. Keep it Similar

10. Use Parts of the Original Track

11. Process and Mangle Stems

12. Treat it as an Original

13. Create Your Own Melody

14. Collaborate

15. Keep the Original Breakdown

16. Use What’s Needed

17. Train Your Ears

18. Create and Add a Musical Signature

19. Add a Second Hook

20. Make an Alternative Mix

21. Ask for a Deadline

Wrapping it Up – This isn’t a all encompassing guide to remixing, it’s simply a collection of tips that I and others use. Remixes should be enjoyable, they shouldn’t take months, and you should aim to be creative. Next time you do a remix, why not use a few of these tips?

Read the details of this great coaching over here at