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Did you know about Ableton’s Free Stuff Friday?

Casting our net far and wide to bring you the finest free stuff for music-making every Friday, our catch this week includes a set of top-notch vintage bass presets for Analog, a free iPad controller for Live, and a beautifully juicy filter plug-in.

Ableton's Free Stuff Friday Animation

Ableton’s Flagship products are Live 9 and Push. They’re pretty low key regarding marketing propaganda, with about the only description of them being found on their website as:

We make Live and Push. With these products, our community of users creates amazing things. We are based in Berlin and our company is run by its founders. Many of us are musicians, producers and DJ’s.

You can get a Free 30 day trial of Live at this link.

And here’s a handy link to lots of past Free Stuff Fridays!