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About Audio Engineering Co

Audio Engineering Co is operated by audio engineers and producers specializing in recording engineering, live sound, music production, and audio hardware and software computer technology. Our mission is to provide timely and valuable audio industry updates and information that help you stay up-to-date and give you a leading edge. And Deals. And Freebies, of course. 

Audio Engineering Co is based at Core Zero Studio in Hebron, Maine where they have the best of the best, a very well-tuned mix room, and a demo studio for demoing audio software and plugins. Contact us ahead of time if you’re in the area–we’d love to have you stop by after the virus leaves town…

Core Zero Studio assists small- to medium-sized studios with testing, selecting, and procuring the gear and software that will work best for them and their workflow. From bedroom and garage studios to medium-size facilities, we offer help and guidance with gear selection and room tuning. 

  • We report on and promote only “top-shelf” audio software and audio plugins. 
  • If you’re an Audio Engineering Vendor click here to contact us about promoting and publishing update announcements and new product releases that benefit the audio industry.
  • If you’re a Blogger or Audio Industry Pro, Producer, Engineer, or Musician click here to get in touch with us about guest posting or whatever’s on your mind.

The quality of the Audio Plugins you choose can make or break your sessions.
I only use the best of the best, for reasons.  ~  Max Gain, Producer/Engineer

Be sure to check out our explanation of the 3 types of audio engineering plugins and software you’ll find discussed at Audio Engineering Co and why. It’s not about AAX, RTAS, AU, VST and the like, it’s about quality control and the success of your sessions.

Finally, THANK YOU for being here today and being a part of the Audio Engineering Co community! Be sure to bookmark us and stop by again soon.