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Learn what it takes to get a great mix.

Monday Oct 27 & Tuesday Oct 28 from 12:00pm – 7:00pm EST

Every mix you’ll ever produce involves equalization and compression – Graham Cochrane will make sure you aren’t just turning knobs when you work through these essential steps.

In this series, Graham will make the abstract concepts of EQ and compression digestible and easy to understand. You’ll develop a foundational understanding of exactly how EQ and compression changes a mix and how you can use these tools to improve yours. You’ll learn to identify when you should apply compression or use EQ and when you should lay off.

EQ and compression are two audio recording concepts that can be difficult to get on a scientific level, but they are also some of the most important steps on the path to a polished sound. Check out Graham’s Compression and EQ master classes and learn how to get a great mix.

Use Compression and Dynamics to the fullest potential

In the Compression & Dynamics Master Class with Graham Cochrane you’ll learn basic compression concepts and how to apply them. Graham will teach you all about threshold, attack, release, ratio, makeup gain, peak, and RMS and how to control them in your mix. You’ll also learn how to use compression to control levels or use it as an effect. You already know that compression matters to your mix, learn how to manage it with precision.

The When, Why and How of EQ

Learn the the fundamentals of equalization: when to use it, why, and exactly how it works.

In this master class you’ll learn the concepts and techniques behind good EQ practices. Graham Cochrane will use stock plugins and share EQ lessons you can apply no matter which DAW you use. You’ll learn about using high-pass and low-pass filters to carve out space for each element in the mix, and advanced techniques for making surgical boosts and cuts.

If you want quality mixes, you have to understand how to expertly use EQ. Tune in for the EQ Master Class and Graham will show you how.

Meet your instructor, Graham Cochrane.

Graham Cochrane Mix Engineer PhotoGraham is a freelance recording and mix engineer living in Tampa, Florida and founder of The Recording Revolution. As a lifelong singer/songwriter and musician, his passion for recording and mixing has grown from the bedroom studio, to university (where he studied audio production), to multimillion dollar studios, to fortune 500 software companies, and all the while freelancing for artists and bands worldwide.


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