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Competition in the music and audio industry has never been more fierce—or opportunistic. What can you do to make your work stand apart from the crowd? Aside from considerable talent and determination, you need the right tools, workflows, and connections. Gain access to all three with Avid Cloud Collaboration coming soon to Pro Tools 12–and get ready to create, collaborate, and be heard in ways that were never before possible.

Pro Tools 12 with Cloud Collaboration

With the upcoming Cloud Collaboration features, you’ll be able to:

  • Create great sounding music and audio using your choice of Pro Tools software, from the free-to-use Pro Tools|First to the advanced capabilities of Pro Tools|HD
  • Connect and collaborate with other musicians, producers, engineers, and mixers anywhere in the world as if you’re all working together in the same studio
  • Be heard above the noise in the Avid Marketplace and Artist Community, which connect you with the largest network of media professionals to help you share, promote, and sell your work

Get ready to create, collaborate, and be heard in ways that were never before possible. Sign up for an opportunity to start using Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools before it’s available to the public.


Collaborate in the cloud

Imagine being able to work on a session with friends, bandmates, and colleagues—no matter where they are, anywhere in the world. Or having access to an online community where you can make new connections to work with top artists, musicians, producers, engineers, and other media professionals.

That’s what’s coming with Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools, a groundbreaking new set of features that will enable you to compose, record, edit, and mix sessions collaboratively with other Pro Tools users as if you’re all working together in the same studio. Simply invite any of your available connections to collaborate using built-in chat, or find new collaborators through the online Artist Community in the Avid Marketplace.

With the new collaboration features, you’ll be able to:

  • Post sessions to your own cloud storage space and invite others to collaborate
  • Work on the same session at the same time or create offline and share updates directly within Pro Tools
  • Share audio and MIDI tracks, edits, mix changes, automation, and more
  • Keep track of all contributors and version changes with automatic and fully customizable metadata tagging
  • Communicate with collaborators through text or video chat directly from within Pro Tools

Make connections in the Avid Marketplace

Be heard on a global stage and gain the exposure you need to promote and sell your work. With the upcoming Avid Marketplace, you’ll be able to publish session files, multichannel stems, and stereo mixdowns directly from Pro Tools for license in the public marketplace.

Unlike social music sites that simply allow you to share and promote your music, the online Artist Community part of the Avid Marketplace is designed to help you forge more meaningful connections with the audio community, enabling you to connect with other media professionals to share, collaborate, promote, and sell your work in the Content Marketplace—publicly or privately. This puts the power in your hands, enabling you to make connections and create new opportunities.

In the Avid Marketplace, you’ll be able to…

  • Publish session files, multichannel stems, and stereo mixdowns directly from Pro Tools for licensing in the public Avid Marketplace
  • Gain exposure and opportunities to make money by connecting with media professionals in music, film, television, and broadcast looking to license music and sound assets
  • Quickly find professional-quality content in the style and formats you need, as all files will contain rich, searchable metadata whether you want a bounced-down stereo mix or a Pro Tools session with discreet tracks
  • Connect with artists, musicians, engineers, and other media professionals to foster new collaborative and creative opportunities
  • Buy and sell music and audio content with all rights and price offerings managed for you
  • Search for and purchase content, as well as audio plug-ins and other software directly from within Pro Tools—with no application restart required after installation

Access your work from anywhere

Forget about having to comb through multiple hard drives to find past projects that you want to remix, repurpose, or remaster. With our upcoming audio archival service, you’ll be able to store content and track it, whether you store a session locally or in the cloud. Archive a stereo mix, the full session, individual stems, or even flatten all tracks so that the original plug-ins used to create them aren’t required.

And with our new cloud storage service, you’ll be able to house and access archived sessions and files—plus all sessions, stems, and stereo mixes you make available in the Content Marketplace—securely from anywhere.

Manage and track your assets

We’ll be introducing and integrating a new open, universal metadata schema into Pro Tools 12 that will help you manage, track, and document every asset and project you create. This metadata will enable media creators and distributors to keep track of everyone who creatively contributed to a piece of content, making it easy to document who did what, when, and where; manage and control versioning; and provide accurate credit information so that you have a better chance of getting paid for your work—and getting hired for future projects.

With our new universal metadata schema, you’ll be able to…

  • Manage every audio asset and project created in Pro Tools and keep track of everyone who contributed to its creation
  • Ensure that all project details are communicated accurately between content creators, distributors, and retailers, including information such as the album name, songwriters, contributing musicians, release date, and licensing requirements
  • Expand your opportunities to make money from your audio assets through multiple distribution channels and by repurposing content
  • Set and communicate the requirements for media distribution, usage, and rights management control

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