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I want to dive into techniques in Ableton Live for fast songwriting. These tips and tricks will help you stay creative, bust out songs, and feel confident in how you are spending your time. If you’re not using Ableton Live or want to read the article on taking your time, it will look at the bigger picture of how artists can better manage their time.

Ableton Live Composition Screen Shot

1. Good Old File Management

Nothing says “I am an artist” like spending a day going through your files. Every successful musician I know is ruthlessly efficient with their sample library. We each have our own way of managing our files as well.  Here is what I do with my Sample Library…

Here’s the rest of the list

2. Taking Good Notes

3. Start a Track From The Foundation Up

4. Fully Using Session View

5. Mixing it Up

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and here’s a LINK to the full Subaqueous Music article