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Free training is the best priced training, right?! And the best training is free training from Joe Gilder.

The 80/20 rule. Ever heard of that? The Pareto Principle… I bet Joe Gilder has. This is just one of the many “Speed Mixing” topics that you should know about that Joe is going to explain while actually mixing a song “live”. Joe will show you:

Joe Gilder Mixing Engineer Photo

  • Why mixing fast is an important skill you absolutely need to master
  • How mixing fast can make you a better mixer (and potentially make you more money)
  • How to set up your mix to keep you moving quickly (I’ll actually set up a mix in my DAW live on the webinar)
  • A simple mind-set shift that will shave tons of time (maybe even hours?) off how long you spend on a mix 

    That’s right, Joe Gilder will be doing a brand spanking new, and absolutely free, live mixing webinar on Wednesday night (the 12th) at 9pm Eastern time. Plus, you just might want to stay put, the whole way through the “Speed Mixing” webinar, and that is all I can tell you about that…….

    “Speed Mixing” is the working title, and he has some amazing information that he is going to pass on. He wants to help us all out with a few things. Things like how make better decisions, right at the start of a mix. Decisions that will help a mix come together quicker, and potentially help us earn more more money. He promises to detail all the techniques that he uses to mix quickly (in an hour) and still get good results.

    Count me in! To watch this amazing live event, “Speed Mixing”, you must sign up, and reserve your slot, ASAP! Please use the links provided to reserve your seat right now. Remember, watch until the end!

    Click Here To Register for the Free Speed Mixing Webinar