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Remix Contest IconIf you’re a Remixer or at all interested in expressing your creativity while honing your recording engineering and music production chops look no further than RemixComps fantastic 3 part guide to remixing as well as their current listing of all open remix contests and competitions. Remix contests are a great way to also get free high quality stem files to work with!

Welcome to Remix Comps. We find and list remix contests for music producers, remixers, musicians, and DJ’s who enjoy remixing and messing about with officially released stems, acapellas samples and loops, with the bonus of being able to submit them to the original artist or label and possibly winning prizes and/or getting a label release. Never entered a remix contest? Start out with our Guide to Remixing.

Here’s a teaser from the RemixComps site: The following has been written for people who have some knowledge of making a track in a sequencer and feel that they are ready to explore the world of remixing and more specifically looking at entering one of the many remix contests that we list here on Remix Comps. We shall take a look at what remixing is, finding and choosing a remix contest to enter and then a quick look over one way to approach creating a remix with the bonus of a few ideas for you to use yourself in your remixes. The three parts are…

  1. Remix Contests, Choosing a Remix Contest and Remix Parts (Below)
  2. Getting Started
  3. The Remixing

Part 1 – Remix Contests, Choosing a Remix Contest and The Remix Parts

The Remixing Concept: Remixing a piece of music is to take an already finished track and remake it by using a combination of: rearranging it in a different way, removing parts, adding new parts, adding new effects, changing the genre of the music completely or whatever you can come up with to artistically make it different than the original. A remix is in an area of change from the original track that is more than just an edited version or cover version of the track but it is not too different that it becomes a new track that happens to sample the original. Basically it is doing anything you can think of to remake the original version of the song and re-imagining it by placing your own style and trademark music production skills on it. Making the original track artistically different – but at the same time keeping some essential elements of the original version.

Remixing as an art-form has become ever more prevalent in the music industry. Most tracks when released as a single nearly always have a remix released alongside. Many bands are even releasing a completely new album containing just remixes of the tracks from the original album. There must be very few people who listen to modern music who haven’t heard of the word and can pick out a remix that they like.

Making a remix is slightly different to producing your own music as most of the core ideas are already there for you, you’ve just got to build upon those ideas effectively making your remix a reworking of those original ideas.

Get it all here:

Guide to Remix Contests and Remixing

Part 1 – Remix Contests, Choosing a Remix Contest and The Remix Parts

Part 2 – Getting Started

Part 3 – The Remixing