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UK Mastering Engineer Ian Shepherd’s Dynamic Range Day 2015 has over $10,000 of prizes up for grabs! WOW!

*** SIGN UP BY 4:00PM EST MARCH27, 2015 ***

  • An SSL Sigma remote control analogue summing unit, worth £2799
  • 10 of Cambridge Audio‘s critically acclaimed DacMagic XS USB converters, worth £99 each
  • Bowers & Wilkins‘ award-winning 685 Speakers, worth £499
  • MasterPack plugin suite from Loudness experts Nugen Audio, including Mastercheck, Visualizer 2 and ISL Limiter, worth $800
  • TC Electronic stereo loudness package, including LM-2n Loudness Meter & LC2n Loudness Correct software, worth $379
  • Three copies of Ian Shepherd‘s award-winning Perception Plugin, by MeterPlugs
  • FabFilter Pro-L Mastering Limiter
  • A pair of NAD VISO HP50 headphones
  • 3-songs mastered by DRD founder Ian Shepherd
  • Two 3-month free subscriptions to Joe “Home Studio Corner” Gilder & Graham “Recording Revolution” Cochrane’s Duelling Mixes site
  • Three copies of the AudioIssues EQ Strategies Platinum Bundle
  • Take multiple actions for multiple chances to win…


Ian Shepherd Dynamic Range Day 2015 Graphic

What is Dynamic Range Day?

The “Loudness War” is built on the idea that “louder is better”. However this concept is fatally flawed. The goal of Dynamic Range Day is to reveal this flaw and spread an alternative message:

Dynamic music sounds better

You don’t need to compete in the “Loudness War”. In fact in the 21st Century your music can gain a competitive advantage – not by being “louder”, but more dynamic. To hear this simple secret in action, click here.
The fatal flaw of the “Loudness War” sound

In a nutshell: it doesn’t sound good.

  • Research shows there is no connection between “loudness” and sales
  • People don’t notice loudness when comparing songs
  • Dynamic music sounds better on the radio – here’s the proof
  • Modern music players undo loudness by using ReplayGain

Most listeners just turn loud music down !

So – “loud” music on CD has no benefit on the radio, online, on an mp3 player, or in your CD player. That’s why I call it a legend – the “Loudness War” makes no sense, in the 21st Century.

And yet almost every new release is crushed to within an inch of its life.

The effect is now so extreme that we have reached a bizarre situation where Justin Bieber’s new CD is louder than Motorhead, AC/DC and The Sex Pistols!
So why do people do it and what can we do?

Join in with Dynamic Range Day on March 27th ! Here are some ideas:

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  • Accept the Dynamic Range Day Challenge !
  • Follow @DynamicRangeDay on Twitter – use the #DynamicRangeDay hashtag
  • Put a post on your site or blog telling people about the day – include a link to this page
  • Host your own Dynamic Range Day get-together – all you need is good company and a sound system that goes to eleven !
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