Nugen Audio Aligner FREE & $100 Voucher!

Get Nugen Audio’s new audio alignment tool “Aligner” free when you complete their annual survey and get a $100 voucher. The plugin is yet to be released. “Thank you for taking part in our annual survey. Your feedback will help us to develop better products for your needs. If you have already completed the survey, you can find Aligner on your licenses page. As a thank you, you’ll receive a $100 NUGEN voucher plus a free license for Aligner, our new plug-in exclusive to survey participants. After submitting the survey, the voucher will be added to your account.”




Speed up your workflow

When using more than one microphone to record a sound source, you might encounter phase or polarity issues between different tracks. This could be due to mic distance, or any other factor which causes the audio to reach one track before the other. Often this is almost imperceptible, but in many cases, it can result in the recording sounding “thin” or “weak”. Aligner is an automatic phase and polarity alignment tool, designed to speed up the daily workflow of audio engineers. Currently, this plug-in is only available for customers who complete NUGEN Audio’s annual customer survey, which closes on February 17th. You can find the survey here.