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Here’s a great pair of music production videos by producer Matthew Jonson from his synthesizer lair in Berlin, Germany. He’s got an amazing collection of vintage analog synths as well as some digital outboard effects. It’s interesting to see how he composes and puts tracks together with gear ranging from from Ableton Live on his Macbook Pro to Jupiter synths, a Prophet 5, and old-school drum machines and rack effects.

Whether solo, with Cobblestone Jazz, Modern Deep Left Quartet or his label Wagon Repair, quality is always priority number one for Mathew Jonson. The restless Canadian producer is constantly striving to develop both his composition and studio chops. His sound has earned him deep respect internationally, among his production peers as well as the DJ community. So, we thought it was high time we paid Mathew a visit in his well-equipped Berlin studio for a Slices Tech Talk on Electronic Beats TV.

In this next video hear Mathew talk in intricate detail about how he uses outboard gear in creating a bass line with ambient effects.

Thanks and a shout out to Electronic Beats TV for the interviews! Check them out for more awesome music production content like this.