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Quickly Record Your Ideas – “Take” combines the drop-dead simplicity of your voice memos with features custom-tailored to vocalists’ needs. Sing, hum, rap, strum. Take captures your musical ideas—anytime, anywhere. With a single tap you’ll be recording, beatboxing, overdubbing, riffing, writing, trying out song ideas that you’ll want to share with the world.

PropellerHeads Take Vocal Recording iOS App Free Image

  • Get Inspired – Record harmonies along with your voice, blend in effects to sweeten the sound and sing along to inspiring beats and rhythms.
  • One-Tap Recording – With a single tap you’ll be recording, beatboxing, overdubbing and creating song ideas to share with your friends or the world.
  • Loops & Rhythms – Kick-start your creativity—and stay in the groove—with built-in clicks, loops and beats.
  • Three Parts Per Song – Add new parts, double them up and create harmonies. Take gives you three tracks per song to sketch out your ideas.
  • Makes you sound great – Take’s processing and effects will make your iPhone’s built-in mic shine. Surprise yourself with how good you sound.
  • Share with Your Friends – Instantly share your song ideas with friends via Facebook, Twitter and email.

Capture your song ideas before they’re gone! Take is the perfect musical sketchpad.

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