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It just seems like the sort of week to give away more than $1,700 worth of audio production tutorials and plug-ins. You know why?

Because today we updated, rebranded, and are re-releasing The Ultimate Guide to EQ into the Strategies family! It’s now called EQ Strategies – The Ultimate Guide to EQ and has an updated cover and interior design. It also has 50% more content than before with tips and tricks on EQ’ing all your favorite instruments. If you haven’t grabbed your copy (everyone who bought one before will get the upgrade for free), mosey on over here and get one:

Awesome Audio Production Tutorial and Plug-in Giveaway!

To celebrate we’ve teamed up with some cool people to give you a chance to win a bunch of free audio plugins and training. Here are the prizes

  • Fabfilter Mixing Bundle ($659)
  • Perception from Meterplugs ($149
  • 5 copies of EQ Strategies ($85
  • 3 copies of the Strategies Bundle Plus ($171)
  • 1 copy of the Strategies Bundle Platinum ($107)
  • Mixing Vocals ($37)
  • The Mixing Vocals and Mix  Series Bundle ($57)
  • Mixing Hip Hop Bundle ($97)
  • Mixing with Compression ($47)

Exclusive Customer Giveaway

In addition, current customers and everybody who buys a copy of EQ Strategies. Strategies Bundle Plus or Platinum from now until Friday night will be entered into a drawing to win one of the following prizes as well. Make sure you confirm your subscription to the email you get after you buy to be entered into the drawing.

  • Fabfilter Pro-Q ($199)
  • Perception from Meterplugs ($149)
  • Quiztones Frequency Ear Training ($4.99)
  • Home Mastering EQ ($97)
  • Mixing with Compression ($47)
  • Understanding EQ ($47)
  • The Mixing Vocals and Mix  Series Bundle ($57)

Enter Here!