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Getting-A-Good-Studio-Mix-Mixing-Desk-ImageBMI has a nice top 10 list for getting a great studio mix. What we really like about the angle they take with it is that it’s a good mix (no pun intended) of both technical and psychological considerations. Here is the bullet list leaving a bit to the imagination. Get the full article at the link below.


Capturing a great performance in multitrack is half the battle when making demos. However, in some respects the most important part of any recording project is blending the various elements together into one well-balanced final mix. Mixing is kind of like cooking – you might have all the right ingredients on hand, but it’s how you put them together that determines whether or not you’ll have a dish worth serving.

The following are a few time-honored, studio-tested mixing tips designed to help you pull a tasty product out of your own home-studio oven. Bottom line: when it comes to mixing, use your instincts and trust your ears. As Duke Ellington once said, if it sounds good, it is good!

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Keep it down
  3. Watch the gloss
  4. All together now
  5. Give it a rest
  6. Listen from a distance
  7. Combine tracks
  8. Get the red out
  9. Refresh with compression
  10. Slam to tape

Here’s the full list at BMI