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Audio App Building Free Training ImageWant to learn how to program by building audio apps? Well get ready! This is an ongoing series of tutorials dedicated to teaching musicians, DJ’s and anyone familiar with digital music technology (synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, MIDI, DAW’s etc.) the basics of programming by building web and mobile based audio applications.


Quote from the course creator:

Hello, I operate and am developing an exclusive tutorial series dedicated to teaching people familiar with MIDI, DJ’ing, and/or Sound Design how to program using web technologies. Specifically using Javascript and the Web Audio API. It’s directed at complete beginners. It’s not formally released, but I am looking for feedback on the first tutorial. If you would like a beta invite feel free to email [email protected]

This is a new and ongoing series of tutorials designed to help people familiar with digital audio technology (samplers,sequencers,synths,drum machines,etc) learn web/mobile application development and the Javascript programming language by building interactive audio applications. These tutorials are intended to help a total beginner become familiar with web/mobile development and programming assuming they have some kind of experience with digital audio technology/art.

At first we will not cover the innards of Javascript  (Javascript is the name of the programming language we will be using), instead you will get your hands on a good text editor, learn how to modify HTML & CSS and learn how to interface with Javascript files (don’t worry if you don’t know what any of this means – we will show you). In the first few tutorials we will have some loosely organized fun while learning a few basic concepts. The first few tutorials are designed to demonstrate what is possible. As we proceed, the tutorials will gradually become more focused on programming concepts while intertwining audio application development in the process.

Be warned, learning how to program isn’t for everyone. It can be intimidating, daunting and downright irritating at times, but the long term rewards are very good. As I take you through these tutorials there will be times when I ask you to do things and don’t explain immediately why. Those answers will come in time. At the end of every tutorial I will summarize the things that you should know.

In the first tutorial I will demonstrate how to use HTML/CSS by building a simple interface that will ( eventually ) trigger drum sounds when you click on circles. I hope this series lends clarity to a few aspects of web application development and interactive audio, and I hope you have fun and enjoy!


  • A Macintosh or Windows computer with an internet connection.
  • Basic computer literacy.
  • Familiarity with general audio/music technology & terminology (synths,mixing consoles,DAW’s etc)
  • Either Chrome 21+  or  Safari 6+ Web browsers.
  • Sublime Text2 code editor (Downloaded & installed) –  Download here. You can technically use any text editor including notepad (Windows) or Text Edit (Mac) but I will be using Sublime Text2 for these tutorials and thus you might want to use it as well.

Be sure to send course feedback on the requested channels so the designers can improve the course and work out any kinks before the official release.

Also, let us know what kinds of training, plugins, and software you have on your wish list so we can keep an eye out for you.

Thanks & Enjoy!