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Take this class and learn what goes into creating a pro sounding pop rock mix. Whether you’re looking to improve your personal music projects – sound better and get noticed more – or expand your clientele base – build your brand and make more money – this is an excellent walk through for intermediate to advanced engineers and/or producers using any type of DAW. We’ve been recording and mixing music professionally for over 2 decades, learn from the pro’s and watch as we dig into a professional pop rock mix!


Ian Sutton Mixing Course Studio Photo

About this course:In this class we’ll show you some of the best mixing techniques used to get professional sounding pop rock mixes. We highly encourage student interaction, so If at any point you have questions or would like to start a discussion, don’t hesitate!

Whats covered in this class?Drums, Percussion, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, and Vocals. Effects used such as EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay and Automation will be analyzed in detail. Throughout the mix Ian will also be introducing a number of production techniques to help add punch, color and excitement to your mixes, including Reinforcing your Drum Tracks with Samples, Splitting the Bass, adding Guitar Amp Plug-Ins to Enhance your Guitar Tone, Side-Chain Processing, Creative Bussing, Group Processing, the addition of Vocal Harmonies, Background Vocals and more. Section by section you’ll see and hear this song come to life – matching some of the best pop rock sounds out there.

Who’s this class for?We’re catering this class to the Home Studio Engineer and Laptop Producer. This class is designed for the intermediate audio engineer and above, and showcases tried and true mixing techniques heard on countless records combined with a unique perspective from a seasoned engineer. For beginners this class still offers the opportunity to see how a professional mix comes to life from beginning to end and will give you a rare look under the hood of a world class mix.

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Mixing a pop rock song from start to finish!

This is one way to achieve a excellent sounding pop rock mix. Within each section take notes on the various creative mixing techniques Ian Sutton goes through and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. We recommend going through each section twice, its easy to miss important details, but the more you train your ear the better you’ll get. We also recommend to redo one of your old mixes and apply the new techniques you’ve learned. Then share a before and after mix so we all can have friendly and productive discussion regarding what improved best within your new mix.

Section 1: Introduction to the Session

– Ian Sutton Audio Engineer / Producer Introduction
– Effects Overview
– Output Routing Overview
– Master Fader Effects Overview

Section 2: Mixing Drums

– Introduction
– Routing and Panning
– Kick
– Snare
– Snare Sample
– Toms
– Hi-Hat and Ride
– Overheads and Room
– Percussion

Section 3: Mixing Bass, Electric and Acoustic Guitars

– Introduction
– Bass Guitars
– Electric Guitars
– Acoustic Guitars
– Supporting Guitars
– Organ

Section 4: Mixing Vocals

– Introduction
– Lead Vocals
– Background Vocals
– Harmonies

Section 5: Automation

– Introduction
– Drums
– Bass
– Lead Guitars
– Lead Vocals
– Harmonies

Section 6: Conclusion

– Final Mix

About the Instructor, Ian Sutton

Engineer Ian Sutton background:Engineer/Producer Ian Sutton has worked with hundreds of artists and bands, including +44 (Mark Hoppus & Travis Barker) Fallout Boy, Rob Halford, and Frankie J, just to name a few. Ian will thoroughly walk you through one of his most recent pop rock mixes, revealing all sorts of creative mixing and production techniques he’s acquired throughout years of study and practice.

Ian Sutton is a graduate of The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. He is Certified Pro in Apple’s Logic and Avid’s Pro Tools. Ian has also worked with the likes of +44 (Mark Hoppus & Travis Barker), Fallout Boy, Frankie J, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, T-Pain, Deepak Chopra, Jerry Lewis, Los Tucanes de Tijuana and many more.

IMPORTANT!! What happens if you don’t get professional help?
Well ask yourself this, 3 months from now how much better will my mixes sound? The reality is without proper training they won’t sound much different. Yes, you can spend hours, days, and weeks trying to find YouTube clips online, but they only do so much. This mixing class has over 4+ hours of instruction from a professional Recording Studio with over 25 years of experience. Invest your time in something that matters, your passion in creating music! We’re excited to see you inside.

A FEW OF OUR CLIENTS: Akon, As I Lay Diying, Al Jarreau, Awolnation – Hayden Scott, Beat Farmers, Big Mountain, Blink 182, Box Car Racer, Dean DeLeo, Denver Harbor, Florence and the Machine, Fattburger, Finch, Fenix TX, FON, Frankie Lane, Frankie Jay, Jayo Felony, Icona Pop, Ike Turner, Irradio, Jewel, Juice Newton, Jaime Valle, Louis XIV, Ma$e, Matt Lien, Marcos Curiel, Mike Keneally, Nico and Vinz, New Found Glory, Novamenco, Norm Stockton, POD, Pepper, Peter Sprague, Rob Halford, Souljahz, Steve Vaus, Switchfoot, Obie Trice, Rob Whitlock, Speed of Sound, T-Pain, The Used, Tonex, U2, Transit War, The Abuse, Unwritten Law, Voices of Fulfillment.