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Intelligent Mixing Tools – Neutron can learn the contents of any track and automatically generate settings in its EQ, compressor, exciter and transient shaper. By analyzing the audio material on multiple tracks in a project, Neutron kickstarts the mixing process and leaves you free to refine it to your liking or get on with making better music.

Track Assistant – No idea where to start? Select Neutron’s Track Assistant, choose a target result for the sound, play your audio, and iZotope’s AI technology will recognize problems in your material, dialing in settings on its modules and creating a customized preset to improve the sound. With Track Assistant, problematic frequency spikes are automatically cut, high-passing is done for you; compression threshold, ratio, attack and release settings are made; and harmonic enhancement is dialed in on your behalf.

Channel Strip Mix Processing – You don’t have to use the onboard AI features to get the full power of Neutron. Using it as a channel strip, you can get world-beating mixdowns from scratch. Sculpt signals with the 12-band EQ and spectrogram; switch the Compressor between clean, modern and vintage modes; spice things up with the Exciter’s retro, tape, tube and warm modes; and add punch and snap to sounds with the Transient Shaper – all made with iZotope’s processing pedigree onboard.

EQ Learn – Neutron’s EQ offers even more to help you on your way: with the Learn function, bands are intelligently set to frequencies that define that sound. No gain changes are made, and it’s up to you whether these ‘character’ frequencies are boosted to add personality or dialed back to aid the intelligibility of other tracks.

Neutrino Onboard – iZotope’s spectral shaping plugin is built into Neutron Elements. Neutrino identifies the type of material on a track – between Vocals, Percussion, Piano, Guitar, Bass and Clean – and lets you accentuate character using Detail and Amount sliders. You can also use Neutrino to define the type of processing you want to use to treat the track.