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Here’s a great Infographic created by one of MPGInsider’s students, Brian Tafero. This simple guide gives you the step-by-step process for creating a mix and the essential purpose of each step in the larger picture of the mixing process.


About MPGInsider’s founder, Michael White

My name is Michael White and I am the creator of the MPG Insider Membership website. From the time I started formally teaching music production in 2001, I came to realize just how much I always enjoyed helping others understand the art of music production and audio engineering. As each year passed, I found myself increasingly committed to teaching and inspire music producers and engineers to pursue their dreams.

It is truly a privilege when one has the opportunity to make use of their experience to help others. It is with this spirit that I have created the MPG Insider Membership website. The intention of making public this list of credentials, is to help give the reader a sense of the experiences and perspective from which I teach.

As a professional, I have always shied away from the spotlight, letting that go where it is rightly deserved, to the artists, producers and musicians whose efforts I have been fortunate enough to capture for others to enjoy. Still, when I look back at all of the artists, producers, musicians and amazing experiences I have had, I have to feel incredibly grateful and blessed for what I have accomplished.

I hope that the following information helps lend a perspective to the content of this website. I believe that there are certain truths in the art of recording and producing music that hold regardless of the technology employed past or present. It is my belief that these truths are best gained through experience and witnessing them as part of professional music production process. I hope that the translation of my professional experiences can help to enrich the experiences you have with your own music production goals.

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