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Reaktor 5 from Native Instruments – Only $99! (Reg Price is $399)

Native Instruments has announced the launch of the new Reaktor User Library community in which the users of this modular virtual instrument can exchange custom made patches. In celebration of this launch, Reaktor 5 is on a 70% off sale until May 28th, 2014!

 For a limited time, make REAKTOR 5 the core of your creativity for an unbelievable price: $99.00. Start with 75 pro ensembles, personalize them, or create the perfect instrument – an endless sonic universe. Plus, explore over 3800 devices in the redesigned REAKTOR User Library and venture into a portal of limitless inspiration.

Hey everyone if you are even remotely thinking about adding something from Native Instruments to your arsenal then this is beyond a no brainer at only $99! If you follow the blog here you know we get crazy deals and lots of Pro Plugins for FREE just by paying attention to new releases, updates, and celebrations of various sorts through out the year. This isn’t free but it isn’t $400 either!

REAKTOR 5 opens a universe of sound. It’s a deep and powerful modular studio that sets no restrictions on creativity. More than 70 unique synthesizers, sound generators, grooveboxes, sequencers and effects are at your fingertips, with 3000+ more freely available in the Online User Library. Customize existing instruments, or create your own individual sound generator from scratch thanks to the fully modular architecture. REAKTOR is a true playground for the creative mind.

The revamped and streamlined user interface makes using and creating instruments easier and more intuitive. Two new synthesis techniques – modal and additive – open up new sonic territory for the creation or modification of instruments. Lazerbass, a brand-new synthesizer from the makers of MASSIVE, is the first instrument to take advantage of the new additive synthesis module and is included in this update. Also included are the 15 instruments and effects from previous products REAKTOR ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS Vol. 1. and 2. Now many other improvements and enhancements make using or creating instruments easier and more inspiring than ever before.

REAKTOR is a world-class studio right out of the box. The library includes more than 70 ready-to-use instruments and effects created by Native Instruments and our network of instrument designers, with several thousands of presets for an incredibly wide range of sound generation and audio processing applications. You’ll find a stunning variety of synthesizers, grooveboxes, sequencers, sample transformers, sound generators, sample players, and effects, providing nearly any synthesis, sampling and effects technique you can imagine. From classic synthesis and sample techniques up to exotic methods such as delay-line resonance, modal or granular synthesis – REAKTOR is capable of fulfilling all of your audio desires – there are no boundaries to your creativity.

If you’re looking for additional tools, over 3,000 instruments, constructed by REAKTOR users all over the world can be downloaded for free from the exclusive REAKTOR User Library. And if you create your own instruments, you can contribute to the highly innovative and dedicated community of REAKTOR programmers by uploading and sharing your own inventions. Visit the User Library Here

Thanks to its fully modular structure, REAKTOR always lets you take a look “behind the scenes” – seeing exactly how your instrument or effect is built. This enables you to change anything you want to get the individual sound you’re looking for. If you are more interested in customizing existing instruments than building your own from scratch, REAKTOR 5.8 has never been more accommodating: Take a synth and effect from REAKTOR or the User Library and combine them by simply wiring them up. Customize the look of instruments by adding individual backgrounds and control elements. Or go deeper and replace oscillators and filters, add a sequencer to trigger synth lines, or create completely new instruments from scratch. There is no limit to your imagination!