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Today we’d like to ask you to help us by taking our 2015 Avid brand perceptions survey. The goal of this anonymous survey is to capture your views about Avid today and better understand where you’d like to see us take the company in the future.

This is not a traditional product survey, and we’re not really looking for specific feedback about product features here (if you’d like to provide specific feedback about our products, visit the customer forums on

Instead, we will use the results of this survey to create an accurate snapshot of your current perceptions about Avid and the products you use (and yes, we want to hear the good AND the bad). We’ll use this data to learn more about how you think, to understand what matters to you most, and to give us a clearer sense for where you think we should focus in the future.


Avid 2015 Survey Image

Thanks in advance for participating—we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and stories.

So then here you go folks! Your chance to let it all hang out and direct the very future course of Pro Tools and your Avid experience! We’ve filled out the survey over 800 times so far. #Kidding